How to sign up to Portbnb

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Hi! In this post I'll teach you how to sign up and add your boat to Portbnb. I hope you find it helpful. If you need help, you can always contact us or ask in the comments below. I like participating in the conversation.

The first thing to do is sign up, you can start the process here: http://www.portbnb.com/site/signup

You'll need an email address and a password that should be at least 5 characters long. Once you've done that, you have to select from one of 4 options. This is a very...


How to upload a yacht to Portbnb

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Create yacht

Hi there! It is me again. In this post, I'll show you how to upload a yacht to Portbnb. This is the single most important step, if your yacht's profile looks good, your conversion rate will improve! Therefore, I strongly suggest you read this post. 

After signing up, if you are the owner or manager of a yacht, you'll be directly forwarded to the "Create Yacht" page. If not, you can go to "My Yachts" in the main menu. Once there, you have to press the "Create Yacht" button....